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Sea Spirit Services

Additional Services

Boat Handling, Docking and Navigation Instruction

Don Tondro shooting a noon sight with sextantPersonal one-on-one instruction by Captain Don Tondro in boat handling and docking skills, and training in navigation. Captain Don is a patient and through instructor who has taught many people how to skillfully handle motor vessels and sail boats. Captain Don taught his wife (a former land lover with no boating skills) to run vessels of all types to the level that she now holds a U.S. Coast Guard Masters license for vessels up to 100 tons and she has been a licensed Captain for over 10 years now.

Repairs and Maintenance Training

Captain Don Tondro can provide training and assistance in proper maintenance and repairs on your own vessel. For example, he can show you how to maintain your engine room, check your steering system, adjust or re-pack your rudder and shaft packing, overhaul your heads, check and maintain your thru hulls, and more. You will become more self-reliant as the master of your vessel and you will save money on the increasingly high cost of boat repairs because you can do it yourself.

 Captain, Mate, or Engineer

Captain Don is available as a Captain, Mate or Engineer for the following:
Don Tondro in Uniform
  • Relief Captain, Mate, or Engineer - Boat deliveries
  • Sea Trials*

*Note: Captain Don Tondro will not serve as the sea trial captain while acting as the marine surveyor on the same vessel.

Vessel Refit and Repair Project Manger

Your vessel refit project and boat yard work would be carefully managed by Captain Don Tondro. Captain Tondro has overseen the refits on oil company supply vessels, research vessels and private yachts. He has worked closely with the U.S. Coast Guard to bring U.S. Coast Guard inspected passenger carrying vessels, research vessels and oil supply vessels up to U.S. Coast Guard standards.

Captain Tondro has a very extensive resume which can be viewed here.